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Choosing a Massage Parlour in Canada - Bordellos Canada
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massage parlour attendant in panties massaging man

What you need to know if it’s your first time


You want to go to a massage parlour, but are unsure of what to expect? You are afraid of getting caught legally? You wonder what exactly is a massage parlour? What services they offer? Do you really get a massage?  You’ve heard rumours or read reviews that an attendant does more than a happy ending?  How much does it cost?

What a massage parlour is not:

Well, it is not usually a massage by a registered massage therapist.  Massage parlours are designed for sexual gratification and erotic touching. If you’re looking for a registered massage therapist (RMT) they are individually licensed and can show you their credentials.

What do you search for to find a massage parlour?

Massage parlours are also known as rub and tugs, body rub parlours, jack shacks, spas, aromatherapy massages or Asian spas.  Add the word review and you’ll likely find a lot.

Reviews of massage parlours and massage parlour attendants

As with any business you will be able to find reviews of establishments and the individual girls.  You need to take what you read with a grain of salt.  It is a competitive business so other attendants or owners may review particular people and places as a means to garner their own business more revenue by posing as a customer. Also, a reviewer may have expected to receive certain sexual services they were not allowed legally, so they take it out on the provider.  We’re all human and there may be that one individual who rubs you the wrong way and you ask them to leave. Look for reviews by the same person, or other people and see if the other reviews seem legitimate.  Remember that there are also people who want to be “top dog” and just say they get special services.

How do you know if an establishment is legal?

Find out if the place you want to go to is legal and licensed by the Canadian city or town you live in.  Customarily, there are only a number of adult massage licenses which are defined by the municipality. Legit massage parlours will have their licenses displayed.  You could always call the by-law officers in your area to find out which ones are legal.  The city also defines what is legal and what is not.  For example, Cambridge, Ontario says the attendant must wear panties. If massage attendants don’t, they are in violation.  There are good reasons why these licenses are in place like health, to diminish human trafficking, for other local businesses, etc.  If the massage parlours are in apartments chances are they are illegal.  Even with Ontario’s new brothel laws, I doubt they will be allowed in residential buildings.

A good place to start is to search “adult bylaw + city + province.  For example, Cambridge, Ontario’s Massage By-Law and Adult Entertainment by-law can be read on their website.  Also, you can search terms like, “legal massage parlours City of Toronto” and there is likely to be a news story, or a listing of the legal ones by the City.

Why you need to choose a legal massage parlour (besides the obvious)

  1. Your health.  Legal massage parlours get visited by the health inspectors.
  2. Human trafficking. In some Canadian city bylaws, the attendants also have to be licensed.  You don’t want an attendant who is not there by choice.
  3. The attendants know the rules so if the police do come in, they know what to do.  Such as putting their panties on – which it is illegal in some places to perform a massage without undergarments.
  4. You potentially have recourse if something bad was to happen.  You know who you’re dealing with. Illegal massage parlours could just relocate and change names.
  5. If you think you’ll get extras at an illegal establishment you may be better off getting an escort.
  6. Read this article: massage parlours were busted in April 2012

What you can expect to happen at the massage parlour

A massage parlour attendant or possible hostess will greet you.  You have the option of going with her or ask to see who else is available. Whoever you choose will then escort you to the massage room to discuss services and fees.  If you do not see anyone suitable, you can leave but it is rude.  You can also request or wait for someone else.  Check massage parlour websites because they sometimes have a list and pictures of massage attendants, plus their schedules.

While in the lobby or waiting room it is an unwritten rule that there is to be no eye contact with other clients while waiting. Usually, there isn’t a long lineup. It usually works on a first come first serve basis.

You pay either a room fee up front and speak to your chosen one about the cost of services and the options available INSIDE the room (It is illegal to discuss in common areas.  You could be charged with solicitation).  Or, you discuss terms inside the room and there is no room fee.

The cost of going to a massage parlour: as with most service based businesses it varies depending on the place but here are some general guidelines. In some places the prices will be displayed menu-style. Ballpark, 30 minutes could run you around $40, 45 minutes around $60 and an hour around $80. You might also have a “room fee” or “flat fee” that you pay on top of the massage fee which could be about $40. Pricing will also depend on the attendant’s state of undress. Do you want her completely topless? Completely nude? Maybe you want a “full contact” massage where the attendant will do some sliding. Keep in mind that each massage parlour has its own special options and there are legal and possibly illegal activities.  If it’s your first time at a massage parlour just go with the regular options of massage, hand job, and clean-up.  If you become a trusted regular there may be other options available to you.

Now that you’re in the room with this woman you chose, what next? You should pay her according to the amount of time you decided when you first entered the rub and tug and if there is a room fee, include it. The theory behind this being the massage attendant will work harder for the best tip she can get. In some massage parlours you discuss the tip out front and it is based on the service you are receiving. The more involved your massage with a happy ending is, the higher the tip amount.  Generally, the attendant hands you a towel, leaves the room while you undress and you leave the money out in full view.

You lay down on the massage table/bed/futon/etc., either on your front or your back, and usually with a towel placed wherever you want it.  When the massage attendant returns she will use oil, baby powder or nothing depending on your preference.  The massage begins. Sometimes they will be social and chatty, but if you’d rather relax and enjoy the sensual massage it’s completely up to you. In case of an awkward silence read this article on dos and don’ts in a massage parlour.

The actual massage will consist of sensual touching, engaging eye contact, teasing, and “accidental” contact, all to build up your state of arousal. It will also include any of the special services you requested. Towards the end of your predetermined time your attendant will bring you to climax by hand or however agreed upon. Once your happy ending is achieved the attendant will towel you off and escort you to the shower where she will either join you or help you clean up. Once you’re cleaned, dried and dressed she will accompany you to the lobby or exit.

What if you have performance issues?

Massage parlour attendants have seen it all: dd shapes and sizes, inability to maintain an erection, premature ejaculation, etc.  It is not a reflection of you and they do not get offended.  It could be simply nerves.  Tell them this is your first time, only if it is, and you can relax more.

Massage parlour etiquette

Make sure you read our article on the do’s and don’ts of massage parlours before going to one.


: Valerie Jones is a former escort and writes for BordellosCanada.com from experience. She has over a decade of experience as a journalist and managing editor. Her expertise is in the adult service industry; specifically escorts, massage parlours, strip clubs and brothels in Canada. Valerie resides in Ontario after living all over Canada and the UK. She has previously worked as a reporter and newscaster for a radio station, the managing editor for a large website publisher, and as copywriter for big brands and start-ups. She graduated from Fanshawe College for journalism and the University of Guelph, B.A. in English, minoring in anthropology. Valerie writes guest posts for adult magazines, websites and is available for interviews. She can be contacted at editor@bordelloscanada.com or on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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